The Lynx FTP Web Client provides convenient access to the FTP server for file download and upload using your desktop web browser.

File uploads and downloads may be slightly slower than direct FTP transfer, because of the overheads of transfer from the FTP server via this PHP server to your web browser, zipping the data and then mime-encoding it for HTTP transfer. For very large file uploads and downloads, a direct FTP connection using a desktop client application such as Filezilla will be quicker, and includes the ability to pause and resume file transfers. However, for downloads of a few hundred MB, over a reasonably fast internet connection, this web client will provide sufficient speed.

This web client requires that Javascript is enabled in your browser for AJAX interactions.

The following browsers are fully supported:

These browsers are partially supported:

The PHP backend provides configuration options for connection to a specified FTP server - this server choice is not exposed to the web client.

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